Coordination of technical assistance

Coordination of technical assistance

The Single technical assistance (TA) coordination information system of the Eurasian Group on combating money laundering and financing of terrorism (EAG STACS) is developed to provide uniform standards for collection, keeping, structuring, administration and analysis of TA data in the EAG. The decision on its creation was made at the 35th EAG Plenary in November 2021. In November 2022, with the financial support of the EDB the project was started, and in May 2023 the EAG STACS was launched in test mode.

The EAG STACS implements the provisions of the document "Rules on coordination of the technical assistance provided to the EAG Member States", which objectives are to offer transparent and convenient rules for all participants, describing the main stages of work and outlining the role of each of them.

The EAG STACS objectives is to improve TA coordination in the Eurasian region to enhance the effectiveness of EAG Member States' national AML/CFT systems and their compliance with the FATF Standards. The EAG STACS is also aimed at consolidating resources those of the EAG Member States, development partners, and to mitigate the risks of inconsistency and duplication of efforts, and to improve productivity in the implementation of TA projects.

The EAG STACS is to make it much easier for beneficiaries to communicate with donors and providers of TA. In the EAG STACS, each participant in the TA coordination process, these are Member States, donors and providers have their own personal account, where they can explore information on applications, the work process and some analytical tools. In addition, personal accounts allow participants of the process to see the dynamics of TA provision and interact with each other.

The EAG STACS will be constantly improving, and we would therefore appreciate any comments that might help to enhance its effectiveness. We would be happy to receive your feedback by mail to

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