Key documents and ongoing projects of the Working Group on technical assistance (WGTA)

This section includes key documents of the Working group on technical assistance (WGTA), as well as the documents from all of the current WGTA projects.

Please note that the documents are located on the closed part of the site and accessible only to registered users.

Key WGTA Documents

Document Plenary
WGTA Mandate 33
Rules on coordination of the Technical Assistance provided to the EAG Member States 35






Agenda Co-chair's Report List of Assignments
26 Agenda Report List
27 Agenda Report List
28 Agenda Report List
29 Agenda Report List
30 Agenda Report List
31 Agenda Report List
32 Agenda   List
33 Agenda Report List
34 Agenda Report List
35 Agenda Report List












On-going projects

Recommendations on conducting sectoral ML/TF risk assessment (SRA)

  • Leader of the project: Project Group under the Russian Federation leadership
  • Timeline of the project: November 2021 - November 2022
Document Plenary 
Concept note on the research 35
Time plan, table of contents, data collection methods