General principles of functioning of the EAG Experts Pool

General principles of functioning of the EAG Experts Pool

The EAG Experts Pool is intended to be a tool to render expert assistance to the EAG Member States by providing consultations in the framework of projects aimed at the development of their national anti-money laundering systems.

Experts will be involved in the following projects:

  1. Projects on rendering technical assistance to the EAG Member States aimed at implementation of the international AML/CFT standards (i.e., analysis of AML/CFT legislation; consultation in preparation of new legislation and/or introduction of amendments or additions to the existing legislation; participation in the development of action plans to eliminate deficiencies in AML/CFT systems, and etc.);
  2. Acting as lecturers/moderators at seminars or other events, preparation of training materials, programs, manuals, training courses, textbooks, and other materials;
  3. Participation in typology projects, for example, regional ML/TF risk assessments, ML/TF typology studies, etc;
  4. Other projects (as required and/or requested by the EAG Member States).

Procedure for forming and updating the Pool

The Pool shall be formed of persons meeting the established professional criteria and having passed the pre-qualification selection based on the results of interviews. At the same time, an expert shall not represent an organization and/or state and should act as a private person. The current EAG Secretariat employees cannot be included in the Pool.

Interested candidates fill in the electronic application form for inclusion in the Pool, and send it to the e-mail address of the EAG Secretariat. The application form shall be accompanied by a CV with a photo, which, among others, shall contain information about the contact person(s) who can confirm the expert's experience and qualification.

Experts must meet the following requirements:

  • higher education;
  • at least 5 years of AML/CFT experience;
  • high level of expertise in international AML/CFT standards;
  • fluent verbal and written skills in Russian or English.

The EAG Secretariat will consider each application separately and, if necessary, reserves the right to conduct interviews (both in-person and remotely) with the candidates. The EAG Secretariat may reject an application if it believes the expert does not meet the necessary requirements, without naming the reasons.

Applicants will be notified of the Secretariat's decision to accept/reject their application within two weeks of consideration thereof. The EAG Secretariat will consider new applications for inclusion in the Pool as they are received and update the Pool based on the results of the review of such applications.

Funding conditions

The experts will be compensated for travel and accommodation expenses according to the EAG Secretariat norms actual on the date of signing the short-term contract and paid according to rate schedule. The rate schedule takeы into account approaches consistent with the principles of UN structural organizations as well as the FATF and the Council of Europe. Experts' fees will be based on their qualifications and experience, the nature and scope of work to be done, as well as the overall complexity and time spent on project implementation.

Experts will be engaged in the EAG projects only under short-term contracts, and the time of employment will be established individually depending on the project/ event, but cannot exceed three months. The remuneration will be paid only after the parties have signed an act of work performed.

The result of the work/project becomes the property of the EAG, and no materials can be copied in whole or in part, used in other publications, and/or transferred to third parties without the EAG Secretariat's permission. For the purpose of quality control, as well as to form an idea of the possible hiring of the consultant for future projects, an evaluation of the expert's work shall be done upon completion of the project.

Questions and answers

If you have any questions, please contact the EAG Secretariat by the following email

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